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Journal articles

  1. Competitiveness of entrepreneurs and salaried workers (with M. Batsaikhan and M. Sutter). Management Science, forthcoming

  2. Predictably competitive? What faces can tell us about economic behavior (with H. Fornwagner and B. Grosskopf). Games and Economic Behavior 142, 931-940 (2023)

  3. Conflict in the pool: A field experiment (with M. Faravelli, H. Fornwagner and R. Sheremeta). Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 215, 60-73 (2023)

  4. Ostracism and theft in heterogeneous groups (with A. Baier and T. Jaber-Lopez). Experimental Economics 26(1), 193-222 (2023)

  5. Moral suasion and charitable giving (with S. Rezaei). Scientific Reports 12(1), 1-19 (2022)

  6. Religious worship and discrimination (with K. Henning and B. Vollan). Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 197, 91-102 (2022)

  7. Psychopathy and economic behavior among prison inmates: An experiment (with A. García-Gallego, N. Georgantzis, T. Jaber-Lopez, E. Mitrokostas). Frontiers in Psychology 12, 4037 (2021)

  8. No moral wiggle room in an experimental corruption game (with F. Sandakov and T. Zhuravleva). Frontiers in Psychology 12, 3509 (2021)

  9. Exposure to Conspiracy Theories in the Lab (with A. Libman, V. Selamis and B. Vollan). Economic and Political Studies 9(1): 90-112 (2021)

  10. Incentives for dishonesty: An experimental study with internal auditors (with S. Czermak, M. Eulerich and H. Fornwagner). Economic Inquiry 58: 764-779 (2020)

  11. Rehabilitation and social behavior: Experiments in prison (with A. Garcia-Gallego, N. Georgantzis, T. Jaber-Lopez and E. Mitrokostas). Games and Economic Behavior 119: 148-171 (2020)

  12. Credence goods in the literature: What the past fifteen years have taught us about fraud, incentives, and the role of institutions (with R. Kerschbamer). Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Finance 26, 100285 (2020)

  13. How uncertainty and ambiguity in tournaments affect gender differences in competitive behavior (with M. Sutter). European Economic Review 118: 1-13 (2019)

  14. Applications of sports data to study decision making (with S. Chowdhury and H. Plessner). Journal of Economic Psychology 75(B): 102153 (2019)

  15. Self-governance and punishment: An experimental study among Namibian forest users (with B. Vollan, M. Pröpper and A. Landmann). Economic Development and Cultural Change 67: 935-967 (2019)

  16. Closing the gender gap in competitiveness through priming (with H. Fornwagner and M. Sutter). Nature Communications 9: 4359 (2018)

  17. Trust and communication in a property rights dilemma (with T.K. Ahn, M. Batsaikhan, F. Campos-Ortiz, L. Putterman and M. Sutter). Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 149: 413-433 (2018)

  18. Impunity under pressure: On the role of emotions as a commitment device (with T. Jaber-Lopez). Economics Letters 168: 112-114 (2018) 

  19. Distributional Preferences and Ego Depletion (with R. Kerschbamer and R. Oexl). Journal of Neuroscience, Psychology, and Economics 11: 47-165 (2018)

  20. The limits of guilt (with H. Fornwagner). Journal of the Economic Science Association 3(2): 137-148 (2017) 

  21. On the nature of guilt aversion: Insights from a new methodology in the dictator game (with M. Sutter). Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Finance 13: 9-15 (2017)

  22. The optimal allocation of prizes in tournaments of heterogeneous agents (with E. G. Dutcher, F. Lindner and D. Ryvkin). Economic Inquiry 55(1): 461-478 (2017) 

  23. Second-degree moral hazard in a real-world credence goods market (with R. Kerschbamer and M. Sutter). Economic Journal 127: 1-18 (2017)

  24. Altruistic punishment does not increase with the severity of norm violations in the field (with N. Nikiforakis and B. Rockenbach). Nature Communications 7, 13327 (2016)

  25. Affirmative action or just discrimination? A study on the endogenous emergence of quotas (with B. Davis and M. Sutter. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 127: 87-98 (2016) 

  26. Securing property rights: A dilemma experiment in Austria, Mexico, Mongolia, South Korea and the United States (with T.K. Ahn, M. Batsaikhan, F. Campos-Ortiz, L. Putterman and M. Sutter). Journal of Public Economics 143: 115-124 (2016) 

  27. Cancelling out early age gender differences in competition - an analysis of policy interventions (with M. Sutter, D. Glätzle-Rützler und S. Czermak). Experimental Economics 19(2): 412-432 (2016) 

  28. The hidden costs of tax evasion - collaborative tax evasion in markets for expert services (with A. Beck, R. Kerschbamer and M. Sutter). Journal of Public Economics 129: 14-25 (2015) 

  29. Strive to be first or avoid being last: An experiment on relative performance incentives (with G. Dutcher, F. Lindner, D. Ryvkin and M. Sutter). Games and Economic Behavior 94: 39-56 (2015) 

  30. Direct and indirect punishment among strangers in the field (with N. Nikiforakis and B. Rockenbach). Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 111(45): 15924-15927 (2014) 

  31. Revealed distributional preferences: Individuals vs. teams (with M. Kocher, R. Kerschbamer and M. Sutter). Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 108: 319-330 (2014)

  32. Third-party punishment and counter-punishment in one-shot interactions (with K. Grechenig and N. Nikiforakis). Economics Letters 122: 308-310 (2014) 

  33. What drives taxi drivers? A field experiment on fraud in a market for credence goods (with A. Beck, R. Kerschbamer and M. Sutter). Review of Economic Studies 80: 876-891 (2013) 

  34. Equality, equity and incentives: An experiment (with M. Kocher, L. Putterman and M. Sutter). European Economic Review 60: 32-51 (2013)

  35. Norm enforcement in the city: A natural field experiment (with N. Nikiforakis). European Economic Review 56: 1773-1785 (2012) 

  36. Affirmative action policies promote women and do not harm efficiency in the lab (with M. Sutter). Science 335(6068): 579-582 (2012) 

  37. Distributional preferences and competitive behavior (with R. Kerschbamer and M. Sutter). Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 83: 125-135 (2012) 

  38. Sabotage in tournaments: Evidence from a natural experiment (with F. Lindner and M. Sutter). Kyklos 65: 425-441 (2012) 

  39. Public beliefs and corruption in a repeated psychological game. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 78: 51-59 (2011) 

  40. How much income redistribution? An explanation based on vote-buying and corruption. Public Choice 146: 185-203 (2011)

Books, book chapters and policy publications

  1. The behavioral economics of religion. In: Encyclopedia of Behavioural and Experimental Economics, edited by R. Hoffmann, A. Neelim, and S.H. Chuah. Edward Elgar, in press.

  2. Moral suasion in economic experiments. In: Research Handbook on Unethical Behavior, edited by A. Bucciol and S. Quercia. Edward Elgar, in press.

  3. Zur Wettbewerbsbereitschaft von Frauen und Männern – Experimentelle Analysen (with D. Glätzle-Rützler and M. Sutter). Tagungsband, Wissenschaftsenquete des Landes Tirol (2012)

  4. The Black Sea and Central Asian Economic Outlook (BSECAO), with F. Bonaglia, C. Orun, R. Pomfret and S. Tadjbakhsh. OECD Development Centre (2008)

  5. Households in Transition: The BSEC-CA Experience. OECD Development Centre Policy Insight no. 67 (2008)

  6. Transition, Globalisation and Labour in the Black Sea Economic Co-operation and Central Asian Regions (with K. Fukasaku). OECD Development Centre Policy Insight no. 68 (2008)

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