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I was born in Athens in 1981 and grew up quite close to the Acropolis and the Ancient Agora. I studied Banking and Finance at the University of Piraeus, before moving to Scotland where I earned my MSc in Economics (2005) and PhD in Economics (2008) from the University of Edinburgh. 

In 2007 I joined the OECD Development Centre in Paris for a research project on the economies of Central Asia and the Black Sea region and their transition process, with a focus on labour market outcomes and policies. This resulted in publication of the Black Sea and Central Asian Economic Outlook.

In 2008 I took up an assistant professor's position at the University of Innsbruck in Austria, and since 2014 I have been Professor for Experimental Economics in the Department of Public Finance (currently on a part-time basis). In 2017 I co-founded with five other colleagues from Innsbruck the SFB (Special Research Area) on Credence Goods, Incentives and Behavior. I have held visiting positions in several departments, including a Chair of Excellence at the Ca'Foscari University of Venice in 2022.

In September 2022 I joined the University of Exeter Business School as Professor of Economics – Diversity and Inclusion. As of January 2023, I am Head of the Economics Department.

My research uses primarily empirical and experimental methods to address diverse topics, related (among others) to determinants of (un)ethical behavior, asymmetric information and markets for credence goods, gender quotas, social norms, and forces that drive social inclusion and exclusion.

For more information on my activities, research output, media presence and teaching, please visit the corresponding section in this site, or download my CV.

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